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Your help is necessary for many voices have much power. We will approach Homeowner Insurance Reform with pressure on the Commissioner of Insurance who has the Duty and Responsibility to Regulate Insurance to Protect Citizens.

We lack the confidence in the legislative process due to the influence of the Insurance Industry on the Financial Services Co-Chair Representative Mariano, Quincy, who is powerful and has accepted large amounts of campaign donations from the Insurance Industry over many years.

Our motto is: "No Bill is Better Than a Bad Bill"

We ask that you all print out the sample letters and mail to:

  1. Commissioner of Insurance
  2. - Sample letter to the Commissioner of Insurance

  3. Your Legislator
  4. - Sample letter to your Legislator

  5. The Governor
  6. - Sample letter to the Governor

  7. The Attorney General
  8. - Sample letter to the Attorney General

  9. Docket Clerk
  10. - Sample letter to the Docket Clerk

    Please check the Contacts page for mailing addresses.

The Commissioner of Insurance must implement the Duties of her Office as stated in MGL Chapter 174A and follow the mission statement from the Division of Insurance stating "Protection of consumers interests is of prime importance to the Division"

If the laws to protect citizens are not implemented by this Commissioner than we shall ask for her removal.

Please print and fill-out the Insurance Complaint Form if you feel that your homeowners insurance is too costly. (Please send a copy to both the Governor & the Division of Insurance)

Tell Your Homeowner Insurance Story

Have your rates increased?
Are you with a private insurer or Fair Plan?
Has your replacement value increased?
Have you ever placed a claim? If so, were you treated well and promptly by the insurer?
Do you live on the water or how close?
Do you have National Flood Insurance?
Do you have "wind deductible" or "hurricane deductible" language in your policy and at what % is that deductible?

If you can answer any or all of these questions, please email Paula at Be sure to include your name, address and phone number. Thanks!

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